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Nick The Greek restaurant owner asks public health inspectors issuing citation: “are you going to pay my rent?”

Nick The Greek restaurant Anton Van Happen public health inspectors issuing citation

A viral video online shows a scramble between Anton Van Happen and the Public Health inspectors who were issuing a citation to Nick The Greek restaurant. The video shows a distraught Anton Van Happen as he struggles to keep his business afloat, he is heard stressing that he has followed all guidelines issued by Public Health inspectors regarding operations of a restaurant. The video is shot inside Nick The Greek restaurant which has struggled to make ends meet after the onset of coronavirus.

Nick The Greek restaurant confronts public health inspectors

Like many other business owners, the misery is apparent in the voice of Anton Van Happen. He is heard inquiring from Public Health inspectors, “what about my employees?”. He points towards the tables stocked in the corner of the restaurant. He reiterates the fact that he is compliant with all SOPs for regulations yet he is facing another citation.

“Are you going to pay my rent?” Anton Van Happen asks the Public Health inspectors issuing the citation. The two inspectors seem to be standing at the corner, they seem non-nonchalant and unsympathetic in face of Anton’s misery. The distraught owner keeps trying to defend his policies by stating that he is compliant with the guidelines issued for restaurants. He emphasizes that he did not break any law.

Anton further accuses the Public Health inspectors of creating their own arbitrary rules. A user tweeted, “This makes my blood boil. It’s fundamentally wrong what is happening to small businesses right now. There is no scientific reason to be shutting them down. It’s about control & the optics of “doing something.” But that “doing something” is destroying the livelihoods of so many.”

Anton Van Happen reacts

Several people online have shown sympathy towards Anton Van Happen for reacting the way he did. It is no secret that small businesses have been especially affected by the pandemic.  The Public Health Inspectors treat restaurant owners in a derogatory manner. Users state that the rude attitude of inspectors towards Anton Van Happen is visible in the video.

Donald Trump Jr. retweeted the video of the incident and wrote, “We need more of this or the politicians will never ever stop their economy destroying power-grab. Lockdowns aren’t based in science. The politicians & media hacks still supporting them are actively destroying lives, but they don’t care because their paychecks aren’t on the line.” Public Health inspectors have received a considerable amount of criticism online since the video went viral.


In another video posted by Daily Caller reporter, a customer of Nick The Greek restaurant says to public health inspectors, “Why aren’t you at Costco right now, there’s 500 people inside Costco”.

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