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Non-binary, ex-Biden nuclear official Sam Brinton to face men’s jail for suitcase theft – report

Non-binary ex-Biden official Sam Brinton to face men's jail for suitcase theft: sheriff
Brinton's official government portrait

Sam Brinton, a non-binary individual and former nuclear official, is set to be transferred to a men’s jail in Maryland before being sent to Virginia to face allegations of suitcase theft, NY Post reported.

Non-binary Sam Brinton, involved in suitcase theft, will be placed in men’s jail

According to a Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputy, Brinton is currently in a “pre-placement” hold at the county jail and is expected to be housed with the male “general population” next week.

In accordance with the policy of the Montgomery County Department of Correction and Rehabilitation, inmates are processed and assigned housing based on their biological sex.

The policy states: “Although MCDOCR does not consider anatomical changes brought about by hormonal therapy to be changes that constitute a change of anatomical sex, the classification of an arrestee/inmate will depend on whether the arrestee/inmate has male or female genitalia, whether they present a management or security problem, and whether their health and safety can be ensured.

“Once an inmate is classified, they will be given a housing assignment based on that classification.”

Sam Brinton, who prefers they/them pronouns, were apprehended at their residence last week on accusations of Grand Larceny.

The charges stem from an alleged incident involving the theft of a suitcase belonging to Tanzanian fashion designer Asya Khamsin at Ronald Reagan National Airport. Khamsin reported the loss of her luggage, which contained unique dresses crafted for a fashion show, in March 2018.

Brinton’s attorney highlights client’s cooperation in clothing investigation

After sharing images online in which she showcased the garments, there were subsequent pictures of Brinton wearing what seemed to be identical designs. The individual, previously appointed by the Biden administration, was terminated following two separate instances of luggage theft reported in Minnesota and Las Vegas.

According to Peter Hansen, the attorney representing Khamzin, she has cooperated with the authorities by sharing information about the clothing items as part of the ongoing police investigation.

In an interview with The Post back in February, Khamzin expressed her confusion upon seeing pictures of Brinton wearing what appeared to be her designs at public events, particularly considering the attention Brinton received for the two other theft incidents. Brinton’s legal representatives did not provide any comments in response to The Post‘s inquiries on Tuesday.

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