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Police response video released after Nashville school shooting

Police response video released after Nashville school shooting
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Police in Nashville on Tuesday released body camera video showing officers’ response to the shooting at an elementary school that left three students and three staff members dead.

The six-minute video, posted to YouTube, shows police making their way from classroom to classroom, weapons drawn, as they search for the shooter while emergency alarms wail.

In the footage, taken from the body cameras of officers Rex Engelbert and Michael Collazo, staff at the Covenant School direct police inside the building, offering information and a door key.

The officers shout instructions as they clear the school’s downstairs areas, including classrooms filled with small desks and paper craftwork, while jackets and backpacks are seen hanging in the hallway.

Multiple gunshots are heard as officers advance to a sun-filled atrium upstairs, where the suspect, later named as Audrey Hale, was killed by police.

In an earlier video also released by the Nashville police, Hale is seen shooting through a set of glass doors into the school before stalking the empty halls with an assault rifle.

The victims were an eight-year-old and two nine-year-olds, two teachers, one of whom was the longtime head of the school in the southern US state, and a school custodian.


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