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Pope arrested during Vatican blackout is actually fake news

Ageing Pope says travelling 'not as easy as in the beginning'
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After blackout rumors, Former WWE star Val Venis has something new to add up in the Vatican story. According to Venis, Pope Francis was arrested for child trafficking last night.

Pope arrested or what?

Val Venis in past has posted several QAnon conspiracy theories, this time he has gone way ahead to say this:

Rumor has it the gun fire at the vactian immediately after the electric went down was to arrest the pope and his pedo pals for child sex trafficking. No facts proving the pope was arrested as of yet but this is what many are suspecting.

In his first tweet about the Vatican, he asked about the blackout and the gunfire. In second, he explained the reason himself by informing about the arrest of Pope Francis.

Fact Check

According to The Catholic Traveler, Neither Pope Francis was apprehended nor there was any blackout in the Vatican. The blogger wrote:

But a gunfight at the Vatican and the pope being held by the FBI.. what?

I looked out my window (I can see the Vatican from my apartment) lights were on. No gunfights. No police. Cars were coming and going as usual on an early winter Sunday morning.

The rumor about the Pope’s arrest gained intensity after several users posted the live-stream video showing blackout due to the camera’s auto-exposure.

A website named Conservative Beaver further spread the conspiracy theory by adding their own version of the fake story. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Pope Francis is currently being held in an unknown prison, being interrogated by Federal Agents working for the state of Italy and Interpol.

Conservative Beaver’s made-up story provided zero sources and stated that Military police and Municipal police, and their “Sex Crimes Unit went to the pope’s home in the Vatican, arrested him and several other high ranking officials, and placed them all under arrest without incident.

Rome roadblocks

One more rumor related to Rome’s roadblocks appeared last night. According to The Catholic Traveler, the police in Rome usually have roadblocks and checks during the weekend due to COVID lockdown.

To conclude, the whole matter was nothing but an unfounded rumor spread on social media.

Social media reaction to the fake news of Pope’s arrest

Since there were no references to Pope’s apprehension story, one user on Twitter asked, “Rumors of the pope being arrested but is there any legit sources?”

“Are people seriously peddling a story that Pope Francis was arrested on 80 counts of child trafficking?! And are people actually believing this story?! Man facepalming Are we actually living in Bizarro World?” wrote a user on Twitter.

A user tweeted, “Before the homily today my priest felt compelled to inform everyone that, no, the Pope wasn’t arrested last night.”

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