Proper Care of Baby Clothes

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Children’s clothing requires special care and storage, and it’s not just a matter of aesthetics. The health of the baby depends on the quality of washing and ironing. In addition, the child’s things are actively exploited and often get dirty. It is quite difficult to eliminate stains without spoiling the clothes, but following special rules will greatly simplify the care of clothes.

Baby Clothes Care

Newborn clothes deserve special attention. It is necessary to be attentive to the fabrics you choose whether these are toddler boy sweaters or girls’ dresses. Consider the following when caring for your baby’s clothes:

  • you need to wash things at a high temperature to destroy all germs;
  • some clothes can even be boiled;
  • it is better to dry in a closed space – on a radiator, inside a balcony;
  • all clothing, including bodysuits, overalls, and undershirts, should be ironed on both sides in the first months of life to soften the material and seams.

It is also recommended to use a special soap, powder for delicate washing, preferably without fragrances, various preservatives, bleaches, and dyes. Since children may have an allergic reaction to these components.

Washing Rules

You need to wash your baby’s clothes separately from the clothes of adults. Other recommendations include:

  • white things must be separated from colored;
  • it is better to choose hand wash and use only baby detergent;
  • it is necessary to rinse things until the water becomes clear;
  • if rashes appear on children’s skin or irritation after wearing washed things, the powder needs to be changed urgently.

Increased attention should be paid to spinning, which should be gentle since knitted items can deform and lose their original appearance.

Storage Advice

To keep clothes safe and sound, for example, for a second child, it is better to store them in special vacuum covers. To do this, it is enough to put clean, ironed clothes into a bag, and then use a vacuum cleaner to suck out all the air from it. This makes the bags thinner and saves space in the closet.

Other storage recommendations include:

  • it is better to store clothes washed, ironed, preferably in bags;
  • sweatshirts, dresses, jackets, T-shirts are best stored separately from fur clothes;
  • do not allow other children to try on clothes, especially those who are larger and older.

It is strictly forbidden to put dirty things in the closet, as they are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and moths. It is very important to adhere to all the manufacturer’s recommendations indicated on the tag, take into account the composition and type of fabric.

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