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PS4 Error WS-46332-8: Players face NBA 2K23 download problem

PS4 Error WS-46332-8: Players face NBA 2K23 download problem
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According to multiple reports, PlayStation gamers are experiencing difficulties while trying to download NBA 2K23 on their consoles and getting the PS4 error code WS-46332-8.

Social media reports of PS4 error code WS-46332-8 troubling gamers

Sony Interactive Entertainment offers PlayStation Plus membership exclusively for console owners, providing them with access to exciting new features and benefits that enhance their gaming experience. Subscribers also receive monthly games and exclusive content from Sony, such as the recent releases of NBA 2K23, Jurassic World Evolution 2, and Trek to Yomi.

Unfortunately, some users have encountered problems while attempting to download one of these games, causing frustration and disappointment.

Reportedly, players who attempt to redeem the game are getting the error message saying, “This item is available exclusively for PlayStation Plus members. Sign up today and take advantage of your PS4 (WS-46332-8).”

Conversely, some users who already have an active PlayStation Plus membership encounter an error message that reads, “Cannot connect to the server (WV-33898-1).”

Surprisingly, certain players have made assertions that NBA 2K23 is currently unavailable for download as part of this month’s release. This has led to speculation among players that the game may become downloadable in the upcoming days.

Fortunately, the other two games included in this month’s release can be redeemed, downloaded, and installed without any difficulties. However, one affected player has reported experiencing this issue even though they are a member of the deluxe plan.

Potential workarounds + no acknowledgement

Luckily, there are several possible solutions that could help resolve this problem. One option is to attempt installing the PlayStation App on your mobile device and logging in to your account using it.

Once you have successfully logged in, you should import the game into your library. Additionally, navigate to your console’s library and proceed to download the game from there.

Another approach you can try is logging in to the PlayStation website, adding the game to your library, and then initiating the download from there.

There is no acknowledgment of the issue yet but we remain optimistic that Sony will address and resolve this glitch in the near future.

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