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PlayStation 5 Will Launch With A Cortana-Like Chatbot

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The fifth and latest generation of consoles will be coming out soon, and numerous websites, forums, and the community are buzzing with the latest information on the latest hardware that PlayStation 5 will be launching with, however, not too long ago, some new information has surfaced about the PlayStation software and some of its features with the highlight being the fact that PlayStation 5 will likely have its own chatbot.


The PlayStation 5 will likely feature a chatbot that will be very similar to Microsoft’s Cortana which is somewhat confirmed by the fact that Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a new patent and the technology described in it, sounds a lot similar to a chatbot that is able to process voice commands. This is further evidenced by the fact that last year, Sony filed the PlayStation Assistant patent. Combining these two facts, it is safe to assume that the PlayStation 5 will feature some kind of AI assistant or a chatbot.

PlayStation 5 Chatbot Patent

“A chatbot learns a person’s related intents when asking for information and thereafter, in response to an initial query, which the chatbot answers, the chatbot generates a secondary dialogue, either providing the person with additional information or inquiring as to whether the person wishes to know more about a subject. The chatbot may use an external trigger such as time, event, etc. and automatically generate a query or give information to the person without any initial query from the person.”

PlayStation 5 chatbot

Chatbot Avatar

An interesting fact about this patent is that there are numerous hints that are pointing towards the PlayStation 5 chatbot not being just a voice. In fact, it is highly probable that the chatbot will have its own avatar which will be capable of advanced lip-syncing. However, as with all patents, a lot of the implications and terminology are vague at best and can be very misleading and over the years, Sony has accumulated a whole bunch of patents, but only a handful of those have managed to become full-fledged products. While Sony is definitely looking into the possibilities of adding an AI chatbot, as of writing this, there have been no official announcements or reveals that have confirmed that Sony PlayStation 5 will have such features on launch day so take everything with a grain of salt.

It has been confirmed however that PlayStation 5 will be released sometime during the holiday season of 2020 which means likely between October and December. No official information has been given regarding the exact launch day or the features the PlayStation 5 will have, so we will just have to wait and see if the chatbot is one of them.

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