Resume Tips for College Students and Recent Graduates

If it is your first job search, and you don’t have experience in writing a resume, then our article will help you. We will share the most important resume tips for students and graduates.

1. Set a goal

We recommend that you be quite specific about the goal, namely the position that you want to find. You can often find such examples: “trainee, specialist, manager.” Do you understand what  the responsibility of such people is? The employer will also not understand what exactly you are looking for. For concretization, you can specify the department. For example, “trainee in the marketing department,” “trainee in the personnel department.”

2. Find a sample

If you have never written resumes before, it is advisable to have a good sample. You can order an example on a writing service. Usually, students buy essays and research papers on such sites, but they also offer help with resume writing. With a sample, you will see what to include in your resume and how to do it correctly.

3. Mention your experience

In the usual sense of any job seeker, work experience is the knowledge and practice gained by you in a particular company when registering an employment relationship. But this is absolutely not the case! If you did not formally formalize relations with the employer but had a temporary or one-time job, this should be included in your resume, unless, of course, it is directly related to your specialty or vacancy for which you are applying.

4. Add education information

The “Education” section is a field where you can show your strengths and advantages over other candidates. In addition to basic information (the period of study at the educational institution, the name of the university/college, the name of the specialty, and qualifications), you can specify the topics of coursework and theses. This information will be especially valuable if you are applying for a similar vacancy.

5. Include training and courses

They should be added in reverse chronological order (date, name of training or seminar, organizer).

6. Mention additional information

Here you can mention knowledge of foreign languages, computer skills, driver’s license, private car (if it is important for the vacancy).

7. Include personal information

It is necessary to include the date of birth, marital status, citizenship, place of residence.

8. Add a photo

A candidate’s photo is not always required. If the specifics of the job you are applying for do not require direct communication with clients, then a photo is not required. But if it is necessary, take a fresh, professional, and high-quality photo. In any case, when applying for a job, photos will be needed for registration of a personal file, for issuing a pass, for a badge.

9. List your achievements

Even a student with no experience can have them. There are cases when young specialists with no experience immediately gave excellent results in their work while improving the processes. List your rationalization proposals, proposals for the introduction of innovations, measures to optimize work or time. Mention if you have managed to improve your qualifications during your previous work.

10. Describe your personal qualities

Describe yourself; show how personal qualities can help you in your work. For example, you go in for sports, lead a healthy lifestyle – it means you are hardy, ready for overload, in good physical shape.

It isn’t easy to find the best job without work experience! However, thanks to a competent resume, you can count on the proper attention of the employer.


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