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GoPro Hero 10 release date, features and rumors

gopro hero 10

The GoPro Hero Black action attracted widespread popularity around the globe. The popular camera combined portability and high-quality images. GoPro cameras are a great purchase especially keeping in mind their reasonable price. GoPro Hero Black is used by photographers, adventurers, nature enthusiasts and several artists. All these people seem highly satisfied with their purchase. All of these people are now anticipating the release of GoPro Hero 10.

GoPro Hero 10 release date

According to GoPro’s release cycle, the GoPro Hero 10 camera will be released in September 2021. As per trends, most cameras were released by the company in September. The GoPro Hero 9 Black was launched in September 2020. The GoPro Hero 7 Black was released in 2018 along with Hero 7 Silver and Hero 7 White. GoPro has consistently launched its cameras in September.

The best thing about GoPro cameras is that they are made for every kind of photographer. It has been widely used by vloggers, adventurers, artists and even random people. People have documented their happiest moments via this device.


However, it is obvious that the design is getting old. The design for Hero9 Black was slightly different than previous models. The Hero9 Black was a bit bigger in size. Apart from the size, the camera featured a front LCD. GoPro might take things a step ahead this time with the new release. The GoPro Hero 10 is likely to have a tweaked appearance. Users speculate that it might be bigger than usual GoPro cameras.

GoPro Hero 10 colors

GoPro Hero 10 Wish list

Lately, GoPro has been touching the sky in terms of features. The cameras have exceeded expectations in keeping up with technology. The GPS and motion sensors were a much-welcomed feature. This allowed adventurers to keep a better track of their adventures. The voice control was another remarkable feature. A full-color touch screen provided users with a better experience. However, the frame rate and resolution has not been improved.

Below is a list of features that users hope the GoPro Hero 10 could include:


GoPro users hope that the new device will come with a better resolution. No other action cameras come with these features.  Users hope that the GoPro Hero 10 will break the bar for other action cameras. Resolution is an integral feature of a camera for high-quality pictures.


Users hope that the new GoPro Hero 10 can bump up the speed a little bit. Users hope for a slow-motion at 2.7k along with a 480FPS. This sure will take the camera to a whole new level. This would make the perfect slow-motion videos. Slow-motion videos are extremely trendy these days. A feature like this would be beneficial for users who like to keep up with the trends.

Wireless charging

Users hope for the new GoPro Hero 10 to come with wireless charging. A wireless charging pad that could charge up the camera will be highly convenient. This will enable adventurers and nature photographers to charge their device without much hassle. A hassle-free charging process would significantly enhance the user experience.

Low light technology

A better low light technology could capture amazing photos at night. This would also enhance the quality of nighttime shots. A technology that could sense the environment and provide features accordingly would be great. Night is a beautiful time to capture scenic views such as the night sky. However, the lack of nighttime modes often ruins the quality of these videos. Automatic technology that accommodates for nighttime is much welcome.

Better effects

A range of effects will allow people to experiment with their creativity and make unique content. Owners can use several other apps for this, but it would be great if these effects came with the camera. Since most social media influences make use of GoPro devices. A range of effects would further increase the market for GoPro Hero 10.

Better portrait mode

An enhanced portrait mode such as that in iOS devices. This could capture perfect images of outfits. A better portrait mode in GoPro Hero 10 that could blur the surroundings and focus on the subject would be helpful for many artists who struggle to capture perfect portraits. A portrait mode for videos would also be very welcome. Such a mode could keep the subject in focus while blurring out any distracting backgrounds.

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