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Video: Russian helicopter shot down by Azerbaijan over Armenia

UPDATE: Azerbaijan has announced that they accidentally (by mistake) shot down the Russian Mi-24 military helicopter. They deeply regret the action and has said that it is ready to pay all compensations.

Reports from Armenia indicate that a Russian helicopter has been shot down while flying over and has crash-landed in the Armenian territory. The helicopter was shot down from the direction of Nakhichevan. Nakhichevan happens to be a landlocked autonomous territory of Azerbaijan situated on the West side of Armenia near the Azerbaijan-Armenia border. Details are unknown yet, it appears that the helicopter was attacked from Azerbaijan and it fell in Armenian territory. It is unknown why the attack was done. It is reported that the helicopter was on patrol duty when it was shot.

Russian helicopter crashes after being shot down

This attack is likely to worsen relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia as Russia is expected to step into the conflict. The Russian Defence Minister has confirmed the drowning of a Russian helicopter in Armenian territory. The Ministry said that the helicopter crashed in the gorge located between the villages of Yersakh and Paruyr Syak. The Ministry further said that they received an alarm regarding the helicopter from Ararat Regional Crisis Management Center at 6:39 pm. The Russian helicopter has been identified as a Mi-24 Transport helicopter.

Fire bridges and rescue teams have been dispatched to the scene. Recent reports indicate that two people were killed after the helicopter crashed in the Ararat province. These two people were crew members while one crew member has been evacuated with moderate injuries to the home airfield.  Currently, the command of the 102nd Russian military base is investigating the identity of those who shot down the helicopter. The Russian Defense Ministry is sure that the helicopter was shot down by a man-portable-air-defense system, investigations are underway to ascertain the culprit.

A news agency tweeted, “As a result of the missile strikes, the helicopter lost control and crashed in the mountainous areas of Armenia. Two crew members were killed and one was evacuated with moderate injuries at the base aerodrome. Command of the 102nd Russian military base conducts reconnaissance to establish the identity of those shot down the Russian helicopter.

Investigations underway

A media outlet tweeted, “Russian Defense Ministry claims the downed Mi-24 helicopter accompanied a convoy of Russian troops in Armenia and came under MANPAD fire at 17:30 in the area between Paruyr Sevak-Yeraskh, right at the Nakhichevan border. Two killed, 1 moderately injured. Investigation ongoing.

The helicopter was protecting a Russian military column while it was shot own. Russia has extended support to Armenia during the Armenia-Azerbaijan clash in the Caucasus. Russia has also always traditionally supported Armenia since they are both orthodox Christian countries. Russia has a stronghold on the Armenian economy and defense. Russia and Armenia also happen to be members of a military alliance known as the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), in addition to four other soviet countries.

Video shows Russian helicopter crashed near Azerbaijan-Armenia border

Here is another video of the Russian helicopter being shot down

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