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Samsung Galaxy S23 WiFi connection issue comes to light

Samsung Galaxy S23 WiFi connection issue comes to light
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Multiple Samsung Galaxy S23 users have reported that they are struggling with a WiFi connection issue on their phones.

Reports of Samsung Galaxy S23 WiFi connection issue

The problem of Wi-Fi disconnection and no internet access has been widely reported on Samsung’s community forum and Reddit.

Most of the reports have come from Galaxy S23 Ultra users, but there are also a few reports that suggest the problem affects the entire series.

One user reported: “Anyone having issues with a WiFi connection? Mine keeps disconnecting and even turned off relevent settings from intelligent WiFi and don’t have any issues with the WiFi itself.”

Meanwhile, others asked if users’ S23 ultra keeps disconnecting from wifi.

“I got my new s23 ultra last week I am super happy with it. And since I have unlimited data I just keep using 5g but it is kinda annoying that wifi is bugged out for me. Is Samsung aware of that?” another user wrote.

Some users have also reported issues with Wi-Fi speed being limited, but this problem seems to have arisen after the recent February patch.

“After Feb update WiFi has been unstable but it fails to connect back to WiFi anyone having similar problems?” a user posted on the Samsung community forum.

Possible workarounds

Although Samsung has not yet released a permanent fix, there are some temporary workarounds that may help reduce the issue.

The company is also yet to release an official statement and acknowledge the connectivity problems for customers.

One suggested workaround is to delete saved Wi-Fi information, turn on safe mode in Developer Options, and then reboot the phone to address disconnections and “connected but no internet” issues on Wi-Fi 6.

Another workaround that has reportedly fixed the Wi-Fi speed limitation is to assign a fixed IP address to the device on the router.

Although these are not permanent solutions, they can help keep the device functioning until Samsung releases a permanent fix.

Hopefully, Samsung will address the Wi-Fi disconnection and other issues affecting Galaxy S23 users and provide a solution for those affected as soon as possible.

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