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First Vaccine Administered: Sandra Lindsay 1st to receive coronavirus vaccine in US

first US coronavirus vaccine sandra lindsay

According to recent reports, a critical care nurse, Sandra Lindsay is the first person in the United States to receive the Pfizer coronavirus vaccination. She received the first coronavirus vaccine at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center located in Queens, New York. This is a happy news brought amidst the uncertainty and panic of the second wave.

“I feel great,” Lindsay said after the quick procedure.

First US Coronavirus vaccine

“This vaccine is exciting because I believe this is the weapon that will end the war. It’s the beginning of the last chapter of the book but now we just have to do it”, said Governor Cuomo at a press conference pertaining to administration of the vaccine injection. The first ever vaccine injection is a monumental moment for the United States in combating the deadly virus.

Yahoo news tweeted, “BREAKING: New York began on Monday administering COVID-19 vaccine to health care workers, marking a pivotal turn in the nation’s effort to curb the deadly virus. ICU nurse Sandra Lindsay received the first shot at Long Island Jewish Medical Center.”
The first batches of the shipment for  COVID-19 vaccination injections arrived in New York last night. Approximately 90 distinct cold-storage places will be sent these injections. This is a historic pressure to immunize and vaccinate thousands of nursing home residents and workers against the deadly virus.

Sandra Lindsay – the first critical care nurse to receive vaccination

The major chunk of the initial shipment of 170,000 Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine doses were shipped to the New York City and Long Island. The regions received 72,000 and 26,500 respectively. This information was revealed by Governor Cuomo during the press conference. The first priority is to vaccinate nursing home residents and health care workers who are much likely to be exposed to the virus.
Sandra Linday is likely to be strictly monitored in the next few weeks to observe any side effects that the vaccination might pose. This is a positive news for the United States. The first vaccine injection demonstrates that the United States is one step closer to combating the virus.

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