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New York Gov. Cuomo: “the virus did not come here from China” – VIDEO

the virus did not come here from China New York Cuomo

The New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo has claimed that “the virus did not come here from China”, he said this in a TV program called The View, aired on ABC. He further emphasized that the virus came from Europe due to their incompetency. He referred to the research that suggests that coronavirus entered New York from Europe and not China.

“The virus did not come here from China”

Andrew Cuomo also maintained that the travel restrictions imposed by Donald Trump were too late to curb the spread of the virus. Cuomo made reference to the research from Northeastern University that states that approximately 10,000 New Yorkers may have been infected by coronavirus before the state officially confirmed its first case on March 1st. He further speculated that Italy was the possible point of contraction for the virus. Governor Cuomo said that by the time Donald Trump announced a travel ban from China on the 2nd of February when it was already too late.

Donald Trump imposed a travel restriction nearly a month after several news reports confirmed the outbreak of the deadly virus in the city of Wuhan. It took even longer for Donald Trump to impose restrictions on travel to and from Europe, by the time these restrictions were administered, the virus had already spread to several states in the United States.

“We closed the front door with the China travel ban, which was right,” Cuomo said at the briefing. “But we left the back door open because the virus had left China by the time we did the China travel ban.” In his earlier statement, Governor Cuomo stated that he holds Donald Trump responsible for every death caused by coronavirus in the United States. He stated that Donald Trump downplayed the severity of the virus, which resulted in people taking the pandemic lightly. He also accused Donald Trump of lying about the severity of the virus “since day 1” and spreading misinformation.

Cuomo blames Donald Trump for every COVID-19 death in the US

Governor Cuomo also stated that he passed the lockdown order 19 days after New York’s first confirmed case, which is considerably early when compared to other states. He emphasized that more lives could have been spared by the virus had Donald Trump acted quicker in imposing lockdown guidelines.

“We acted two months after the China outbreak. When you look back, does anyone think the virus was still in China waiting for us to act two months later?” Cuomo stated. “The horse had already left the barn by the time we moved,” Cuomo emphasized that it is extremely important that the United States learn from their previous mistakes. It is likely that the second wave will surge again as it grows colder. “It will happen again. Bank on it. Let’s not put our head in the sand,” he said.

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