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Fears grow in many countries of second wave of coronavirus after lockdown eased

Second Wave Of Coronavirus

According to researchers, some US states and countries across the world are moving too quickly to open back their economy. And that could lead to a second wave of coronavirus. Also, Presidential adviser, and the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci has warned that the US should take necessary precautions now, to avoid a bad fall or winter season.

While we wait for more research to emerge, we’ll be showing you what we’ve learned so far about the potential outbreak of the second wave of coronavirus.

Will There Be A Second Wave Of Coronavirus?

Let’s face it! The likelihood of a second wave depends a little bit on researchers and health experts, and largely on citizens. According to Dr. Anthony Barile, the key to being prepared depends on the continuation of testing people for the virus. That’ll help to identify the numbers of people that have tested positive or exposed to the virus, and enable the country to prepare for the future.

Also, some experts have been optimistic that coronavirus cases will drop when the warmer weather begins. One of the reasons for that is people tend to spend more time closely with each other in cold weather. Apart from that, there’s a prediction that coronavirus will behave like Flu. Meaning that it’ll be seasonal and only strikes harder during cold weather. Well, I’ll say this is a conspiracy theory, as the virus stikes at all seasons. However, even at that, it will eventually come back as soon as the warm weather is over.

According to some healthcare experts, including Fauci, until there’s a vaccine that can cure the virus rolls out, there’ll surely be a second wave of coronavirus if lockdown is relaxed. However, we might have to wait until 2021 to get the vaccine – only 20% assurance. With some US states already planning to open back their economy, we are likely to experience new cases like the one that happened in Seoul. And it’ll be worse than what we’re experiencing at the moment.

What Should We Expect From The Second Wave?

It’s uncertain when exactly to expect the coming of the second wave of coronavirus. However, with the rate at which most countries are rushing to open back their economy, we might be experiencing it pretty soon. Also, if expectations about the transmission of the pandemic are similar to that of flu, we can expect an increase in cases in Fall and Winter.

At the moment, we don’t have enough clue to assure whether or not people that have recovered from the first wave of the virus will remain immune to it. However, it’s likely possible that they might also get reinfected with the virus in the near future. That means not only the noninfectious individuals will be affected by the second wave of coronavirus.

Since what will happen in the second wave of coronavirus depends on what we do now, we can only predict. According to Robert Redfield, the director of the CDC, it’s possible that the effect of the virus will be severe in winter than what we’re facing at the moment. That’s because, at that time, healthcare workers will be battling with two respiratory diseases; coronavirus and flu.

Going by the latest update, the US has total coronavirus cases of 1.4 million and over 83,000 deaths so far.

Dr. Fauci is certain that there will be a second wave of coronavirus, watch:

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