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Seven Ships On Fire At Bushehr Port In Iran: VIDEO

Bushehr Port Iran Fire

According to the latest reports, at least seven ships have caught fire at an Iranian shipyard in the port city of Bushehr, in Southeastern Iran. The report came from the Iranian Fars News Agency (IFNA), but it’s still unclear the cause of the incident and the number of damages caused so far.

A New Fire Incident At Iran Bushehr Port

According to the Iranian Fars News Agency, a fire has just broken out at the Delvar Shipyard, in the port city of Bushehr, Iran. The report further added that operations are already underway to bring down the fire.

According to reports, the fire burns with thick smoke, causing firefighters to struggle in containing it. Furthermore, the Iranian Fars News Agency mentioned that they have no reports of what actually caused the fire at the port. Also, the number of damaged properties are yet to be identified. Islamic Republic News Agency says, at least three ships have so far been identified to be damaged during the fire incident.

Furthermore, sources reported that this isn’t the first time a fire incident is happening in the past few days.

Other Fire Incidents In The Last Few Days

According to the Iranian Mehr News Agency, another fire incident, caused by an “oil leak“, happened earlier today. The incident, which only caused minor damage, happened at the South Aluminum Corporation in Lamerd.

Apart from the two fire incidents today, a series of other fire incidents have occurred in the past few days. They occurred in different industries across Iran, including nuclear facilities, oil plants, and factories.

On Monday, there’s one that happened at a gas condensate plant, in the Kavian Fariman industrial zone, Iran. According to sources, the incident caused a lot of damages to the company and one of its neighboring companies.

For now, the cause of the fire incident is still unclear. However, reports confirmed that investigations are already in progress. The Iranian police and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) were able to visit the scene of the incident on Monday.

Videos of fire at Iran’s Bushehr Port

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