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Services Down And Crashing: Spotify, Pinterest and Viber [UPDATED]

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According to Down Detector, many users from around the world report about music streaming service Spotify being down and crashing. There are also reports of Pinterest and Viber services being down.

Some users are facing login problems while others report about app crashing. When we tried logging into the Spotify app, it crashed on iPhone.

However, Spotify music streaming service is not crashing on other platforms, including the Android version of the app, according to reports.

Spotify app, Viber and Pinterest services being down or crashing, Here’s what users are reporting about it:

Spotify: Crashing or Down Check

Abbie Irene: Yep crashes every time I try to go on it. Uninstalled it twice but kept crashing once reinstalled.

Ellie: This is annoying now. it works without data but now it’s signed me out and i can’t sigh back in without internet/data. i really hope this is all done with soon because I got a two-hour walk for me.

Hayley: My Spotify isn’t letting me click on it. When I do it comes off after 1 second. I deleted it then reinstalled it but still not working.

Pinterest: Crashing Or Down Check

Yada Gasai: Can’t use Pinterest on both my iPhone and iPad. Tried reinstalling it but it’s still crashing.

Leonor: Pinterest and Spotify are down. Apps crashing and Pinterest website too. It’s the first time that happens to me that a website crash when open.

Christina: So obviously this is an IOS problem because why is Depop, Spotify, and Pinterest all crashing?

Viber: Crashing Or Down Check

Anjjie: Viber and Spotify both acting up on my iphone 11. Tried opening and it crashes instantly.

James: On the IOS opening Viber causes it to immediately crash. Work-around is to switch your phone to airplane mode. But as soon as you have a network it crashes/closes on IoS

Anna: Viber and Spotify crashes on iOS ás well.

Tip has been shared by a Twitter user on how to launch the Spotify app:

If Spotify is crashing on your iPhone you can avoid the crash bug by launching it with your phone in airplane mode and Wi-Fi turned off. As soon as you re-enable Wi-Fi or 4G then it’ll crash again due to the Facebook iOS SDK issue

UPDATE: The reason behind multiple services being down or crashing is due to Facebook’s SDK. Facebook acknowledges the issue on its developer platform, here is what Facebook reports:

“We are aware and investigating an increase in errors on the iOS SDK which is causing some apps to crash.”

UPDATE 2 11:40 am EST: All services are back to normal after Facebook resolves its SDK issue. In a new update Facebook said, “Earlier today, a code change triggered crashes for some iOS apps using the Facebook SDK. We identified the issue quickly and resolved it. We apologize for any inconvenience.”


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