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The 7 Most Lucrative Reasons Why You Should Get CISSP Certification

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CISSP is one of the most valued, challenging, and rewarding certifications offered by The International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)².

Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) is the gold standard in the field of information security.

What is CISSP certification, and what are the benefits of CISSP Certification?

The CISSP is a globally recognized certification that proves your mastery in information technology and security concepts & principles. The CISSP certification is designed for security professionals in the following roles:

  • Provisioning
  • Administration
  • Analysis
  • Operations.

CISSP certification provides the following benefits:

  • CISSP certificated professionals receive higher salaries. They put in dedication, time, and effort to get certified.
  • CISSP certified professionals are approved by the top organizations.
  • Provides a benchmark to identify industry-recognized, highly skilled cyber security experts.
  • Better growth prospects both professionally and personally.
  • Provides opportunities to work in cutting-edge technologies.

What about CISSP certification cost?

CISSP Certification cost includes 3 components:
• Course fee: USD $300 to USD $ 3200
• CISSP exam cost: USD $ 699 to USD $ 749
• Time of preparation (Hidden cost): 50 to 70 hours (varies from person to person)

CISSPCourse Syllabus

The CISSP course covers a wide range of topics relevant to all disciplines in the field of information security. It mainly comprises eight domains:

  • Security and Risk Management
  • Security Architecture and Engineering
  • Security Assessment and Testing
  • Security Operations
  • Software Development Security
  • Identity and Access Management Tool
  • Asset Security
  • Communication and Network Security

CISSP Exam Overview

It is a computerized adaptive test (CAT) consisting of 100 to 150 advanced innovative questions which have to be solved in 3 hours. Questions are equally distributed over 8 domains. Candidates have to score 700 or more out of 1000 to clear the CISSP exam.

7 reasons to get CISSP Certification

1. CISSP certification is in high demand.

The demand for skilled information security professionals is expected to rise. It means there will be more jobs for CISSP certified individuals in the future.

2. CISSP is a respected certification. It enhances your career.

Once you establish a background in information security, you can move to other domains where a CISSP certification can further your career. A CISSP can become a security manager, a CISSP leader, and so on. The ability to learn and understand information security will allow you to develop skills in other areas. It can also help you to enhance your career.

3. CISSP is a respected designation.

The CISSP certification is a respected designation. Organizations recognize it and value the skills of those who hold the required credentials. The certification is widely recognized and used to demonstrate skills in information security.

4. CISSP certification gives a clear view of the cyber security landscape. 

The CISSP training covers the major components of the whole field of cyber security– from security and hazard to correspondence and organization security to security testing and activities. It guarantees a professional overwiew of all data security parts and, most importantly, how they work with the hierarchical system.

5. CISSP opens new doors. 

Getting the CISSP certification opens new doors. You will be able to work in information security in various roles. For example, you can work as a penetration tester, an information security analyst, a security engineer, a systems security administrator, a security architect, a security consultant, an information security manager, a security specialist, a security engineer, a security technician, a software engineer, etc. The list goes on and on, and the possibilities are endless.

6. It shows your dedication to your field. 

Getting the CISSP certification shows your dedication to your field. It demonstrates that you have dedicated the time and resources to learning more about information security. It shows the high standards you have for your work. In addition, it indicates that you are dedicated to your career.

7. CISSP Certification is a challenge. 

Getting the CISSP certification is a challenge. It takes significant time and effort to get the credential. However, it is a challenge that is worth it. Once you have the credential, you will be able to move to other areas of information security which can further your career. You will specialize in information security and can move into other areas to further your career. It means that there will be more jobs for you in the future.


If you aspire to be an information security professional, earning your CISSPcertification is the first step to take. The CISSP course will not only test your knowledge related to the field but will also open a plethora of opportunities in the IT field and help you reach the heights of your career.

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