Tower of Fantasy Beginner’s Guide: Tips & Tricks to Survive Aida

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The new free-to-play MMORPG Tower of Fantasy is a massive game filled with challenges, visual splendor, and vast environments to explore. When you’re first dropped into the game, the basic tutorial will get you on your feet, but what happens after that? It’s impossible for a basic tutorial to cover all of the ins and outs of a game like Tower of Fantasy.

If you feel like you need an extra helping hand to guide you on your Tower of Fantasy adventure, then you’ll find some great, helpful tips in this Tower of Fantasy Beginner’s Guide. When you’re ready to dive in and become the best explorer Aida has ever seen, grab your cheap ToF account with the simulacra that you want and let’s get started!

Weapon Selection and Upgrading

Being successful in combat in Tower of Fantasy will largely revolve around building a powerful three-weapon loadout that works for your playstyle. These weapons will come in three different rarity categories: R, SR, and SSR, with SSR being the top-tier weapon you can attain, but it’s also extremely rare.

For the early game, you will want to try to avoid R weapons as much as you can, while using and upgrading SR weapons. Your goal, of course, is to build a loadout of three SSR weapons that you can use full time, but that is going to take a lot of time and dedication, so build up your SR weapons in the meantime.

Take Time to Explore

At the beginning of your game, you will really have to follow and complete the story missions. As you progress through those missions, you will gain access to new areas and features of the game at a rapid pace. However, when you unlock the port of Banges in the story, that’s typically a good time to scope out every corner of Astra, the beginning island.

If you’re rushing through story missions as most players do, there are a ton of things you can miss on Astra that will go a long way towards helping you to gain levels. High up on your list of areas to explore should be the three ruins on Astra, which serve as mini-dungeons that will grant you plenty of experience as well as several useful relics.

Puzzle Prizes

As you explore Aida, you’ll come across many different kinds of collectibles and chests. You should always prioritize collecting these when you come across them, especially Rusted Iron Chests, as they can be claimed by any player.

However, there is a special kind of collectible that will show up on your map as a little white diamond. These areas denote a puzzle that you can solve in order to receive special resources such as Black and Gold Nucleus. These puzzles will come in many forms, but they are rarely too difficult to solve within a minute or so.

Perfect Dodge

An awesome mechanic to learn early on is Tower of Fantasy’s perfect dodge. A perfect dodge is achieved when you press the dodge button at just the right time, barely missing an enemy’s attack or projectile. These can be fairly difficult to learn as different enemy attacks will have different timings, but it is always worth learning. Keep an eye out for the flash of red before an enemy attack, that’s usually a good indicator of when you need to dodge.

Perfect dodges instantly recharge your discharge abilities, which are powerful moves that can wipe out several enemies at once. When you are swarmed by enemies and need a wide-range affecting attack several times in a row, mastering the perfect dodge can get you out of that scrape every time.

Efficient Leveling

You’re going to want to get as big and as strong as quickly as possible when you’re playing Tower of Fantasy, that’s a given. You can take on every mission you find, but that’s not going to be the most efficient way to gain levels quickly.

What you’re going to want to do is prioritize your daily objectives. These things can only be completed ONCE per day, but they give you a huge boost of experience points as well as a bunch of useful resources, so make sure you’re doing those.

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