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TranslucentTB not working after latest Windows 11 update: reports

TranslucentTB not working after latest Windows update: reports
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According to multiple reports, TranslucentTB is not working for many users after the latest update of Windows 11.

The issue has become an annoyance for users, particularly those who depend on the tool to personalize the look and display of their desktops.

Reports of TranslucentTB not working for users

TranslucentTB is an in-demand tool, used by many Windows 11 users to give their desktop taskbar a minimal and clean look. However, the functionality of the tool is not working efficiently.

In addition to the transparency customization, TranslucentTB also has other features such as the ability to hide the taskbar completely or to show the taskbar on multiple displays. It also allows you to configure the taskbar to auto-hide when not in use.

The issue has been revolving around social media, with many people expressing their frustration and asking for potential fixes.

A user shared that the ‘Latest moment 2 update broke translucentTB’. They wrote: “Tried reinstalling. Restarting. The clear, acrylic options do not work any more. Only opaque works.”

“I just realized the latest Windows update made Translucent TB can’t do it’s thing,” another user reported.

Although, some admitted that the new upgrade brought in some nice features.

Official acknowledgment + potential workarounds

The developers have announced that they are aware of the problem and are working to resolve it. Furthermore, Microsoft has also requested them to bring in a fix promptly. This seems unusual to some as the Windows update is being blamed for the broken functionality of the tool.

Luckily,a user suggested a workaround that will help temporarily resolve the issue.

The fix was shared in two parts. The first part consists of making the layout translucent with the help of the given steps. On the other hand, the second part recommends adjusting the size of the Taskbar using Vivetool.

TranslucentTB is free and open-source software that can be downloaded from its official website or from GitHub. It is easy to install and use, and can be configured to run automatically on startup.

People experiencing issues with TranslucentTB should try these workarounds. Or they can wait for the official fix to be able to use the features of their preferred customization tool properly.

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