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Trump asks COVID vaccine makers to share safety data

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Former President Donald Trump called upon the makers of COVID-19 vaccines to share their safety data with the public. He mentioned this in a recent conversation with Tudor Dixon in Michigan.

Former President Trump advocates transparency: Calls for release of COVID vaccine safety data

Dixon also mentioned President Joe Biden’s latest initiative, which involves the release of new vaccines to combat COVID-19, now categorized as an endemic, with anticipated annual vaccine recommendations from the government.

Trump had dismissed COVID-19 vaccine safety claims in January too, Newsweek reported. He asserted his own role in the development of the vaccines might have saved the lives of 100 million people.

President Biden unveiled these new vaccines, produced by Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Novovax, and expressed his administration’s strong recommendation for all Americans to receive them. It’s worth noting that during his presidency, when the pandemic initially struck, Trump collaborated with U.S. pharmaceutical companies to launch Operation Warp Speed, aimed at expediting the development and production of a coronavirus vaccine.

These vaccines became available just before President Biden took office. And once in power, he leveraged the authority of the White House to push for their mandatory use. This mandate was initially applied to federal employees, and subsequently, numerous businesses and local governments at the city and state levels adopted similar requirements.

Concerns raised over new vaccine funding

Joe Biden just announced that he’s going to be funding a new vaccine,” Dixon said to Trump. “He wants everyone to get this vaccine. And we’re hearing about a lot of complaints from vaccine injured to say a lot. It’s like an understatement numerous – the pharmaceutical companies have refused to release their data on vaccine side effects but we’ve seen cases of myocarditis, blood clots, heart attacks, they’re all increasing.

“The research has never been released. So will you demand that the vaccine companies, the pharmaceutical companies release their vaccine data to the public so that we can see what they’re actually seeing about the side effects of this vaccine?”

“Well, they should do that, you know, we’re all in this together and they should be doing that,” Trump stated. “And frankly, anything new— and I hadn’t heard what he said yet— but anything new has got to be looked at very carefully,” Trump added.

The mandates extended beyond just employees and impacted the general public. In various locations, such as New York and other cities, individuals were required to display their vaccination cards before accessing restaurants and other public venues. Additionally, college students and student athletes were mandated to receive the vaccine, The Post Millenial reported.

As a result, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) received a surge of reports detailing adverse side effects allegedly linked to the vaccine, including cases of myocarditis.

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