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Trump says he’ll not stop his presidential campaign if he is sentenced

Trump says 'not fair' to schedule trial during election campaign
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In a recent interview, Donald Trump was asked about the potential impact of a conviction and sentencing resulting from one of his indictments on his campaign. He confidently responded that such a scenario would have no effect at all, pointing out that the Constitution does not impose any limitations in this regard.

During the interview with John Fredericks, Trump expressed his frustration with what he viewed as questionable charges, denouncing the actions of those involved and describing them as sickening and dreadful. He brought up the practice of past Presidents, including Obama, Bush, and Clinton, who took documents with them upon leaving the White House, a common tradition that has been accepted for decades.

Despite making light-hearted comments about the Bill Clinton socks case, Trump stressed the seriousness of the situation, emphasizing that nobody had ever faced such circumstances before, describing it as unprecedented and insane. He also referred to the Presidential Records Act, citing how the courts interpreted it when Bill Clinton stored classified information on audio tapes in his sock drawer.

In light of these legal developments and the judge’s ruling, Trump remains resolute in maintaining his innocence and has strong intentions to pursue his 2024 presidential campaign. He expressed confidence that, at most, the issues he faces would be confined to a civil case.

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