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Ships Rumford and Minerva Nike stuck in Suez Canal

Ships Suez Canal Rumford Minerva Nike

According to MarineTraffic website, two ships M/T Rumford and Minerva Nike were stuck briefly on Tuesday, causing delays for traffic, in Suez Canal.

The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) said the M/T Rumford tanker was only stuck for 10 minutes and the issue “was fixed”.

Problems with both the ships have been fixed and both are now on the move.

According to MarineTraffic, Minerva Nike is underway using engine again, sailing at 10,7 knots, AIS data shows.

The Rumford, a crude oil tanker ship’s engines were restarted an hour & six minutes later (9:29UTC). According to AIS data, a speed of 7,7 knots was resumed at 10:03.

In March, Ever Given ship of EverGreen halted the traffic for more than 6 days in Suez Canal. The ship was accidentally grounded on the morning of 23 March.

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