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United Airlines issues nationwide ground stop [UPDATE: Lifted]

United Airlines issues nationwide ground stop
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UPDATE: United Airlines has lifted the ground stop for the U.S. and Canada, according to the FAA.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has reported that United Airlines has issued a nationwide ground stop as a result of an equipment outage. This issue is affecting all airports, causing delays for United flights across the entire country.

Travelers face delays and disruptions due to United Airlines nationwide ground stop

Travelers experienced problems starting at approximately 12:30 PM Eastern Time today, and there have been more than 650 reports of issues on the Downdetector website.

As of 1:10 PM EST, all airplanes currently in the air are permitted to land, but none will be allowed to take off. It is reported that planes will be held until at least 2:00 PM EST before resuming departures, DailyMail reported.

According to FAA Advisory, United Airlines and subsidiaries “are unable to contact their dispatch through normal means.”

Many United Airlines passengers find themselves stranded on grounded planes and are using X (formerly known as Twitter) to vent their frustrations and share their experiences.

One traveler wrote, “I’m currently stuck on a United Airlines flight, their systems are down and so we can’t take off, wish me luck.”

“I’m on one of your planes, and we can’t take off. What’s causing this system-wide outage?” another person wrote.

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