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#ArrestUsmanMirza trends after viral video sparks outrage in Pakistan

#ArrestUsmanMirza usman mirza viral video

Islamabad Police said they have arrested Usman Mirza, the man seen torturing and harassing a woman in a viral video that sparked outrage in Pakistan.

A horrific incident took place in Pakistan, according to the videos shared on the social media. A guy named Usman Mirza, with his friends, forcefully entered into a room and sexually assaulted a man and a woman in the capital city Islamabad.

The victims of the incident were even forced to strip off their clothes.

“A guy and a girl were sexually assaulted by a guy named Usman Mirza in Islamabad. The girl was beaten and forced at gunpoint to take her clothes off in front of everyone. Both of them were repeatedly beaten,” a Pakistani user on Facebook wrote.

#ArrestUsmanMirza became the top Twitter trend in Pakistan, after the video of the incident involving Usman Mirza went viral.

“Very very disturbing videos, reportedly from isb, where the man in middle, some Usman, barged into the room with several man, and claimed he is armed. Usman thrashed the couple, abused them and then he removed the clothes of girl. God knows if he or his gang raped her or not,” a member of the Pakistani senate, Faisal Subzwari, wrote in a tweet.

Reaction on Twitter:

Pakistani users burst with anger after the videos of the incident were posted on social media. Here are some of the reactions on Twitter:

“U blame women for being raped cuz of their clothes, reject bills that will punish domestic abusers n now men go around raping girls n make videos of it. This 1 is in our capital city. A few kilometres from ur home Mr President@ImranKhanPTI its time for a change #ArrestUsmanMirza” said Ali Gul Pir.

“From top to bottom, our society is run by petty tyrants. Monsters like Usman Mirza are product of a culture in which they know they can commit horrific violence with impunity. Unfortunately, women face the brunt of our system’s brutality. Change must begin now. #ArrestUsmanMirza” wrote Ammar Ali Jan.

Some users even call to delete the videos. Aqsa Hakeem wrote, “Delete the videos of the girl and the man being sexually assaulted please. There are perverted people around who take pleasure in watching such acts of sexual violence. #ArrestUsmanMirza”

A user, after watching the videos, tweeted, “I am currently in my home protected and safe but trembling from fear because of what i just saw. I am angry, i am disgusted and I’m scared us women are not safe here. I do not ever want to leave my room again. I pray he suffers in this world and the next #ArrestUsmanMirza”


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