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Ventilator Scam On Rise Due To High Demand In China

Ventilator Scam China

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads rapidly and continuously, medical equipment is becoming insufficient to help curb the spread of the virus. As such, most governments and hospitals around the world are already looking for means of getting more materials, especially ventilators. And with a lot of merchants willing to sell off the life-saving machine in China, most people have started demanding from them. However, it looks like some of the ventilator traders in China might be using this opportunity to scam people.

Ventilator Scam In China

According to Bloomberg, there’s an account on Weibo willing to offer 1,000 Beijing Aeonmed Co.’s VG70 ventilators for sale. Although that is good news for people in search of the life-saving machine, the listing might not be true. Firstly, the seller wants to sell at $51,000 each, which is far more than the usual price for the machine. Apart from that, there’s also an investigation on the account and it looks like it doesn’t have any history of marketing medical equipment.

They Act Like Middlemen To Scam People

Also, according to findings, the ventilator scammers in China will act as middlemen to a particular company (often Aeonmed). After telling you the price and quantity of the available machines, they ask you to pay on time, as you only have 24 hours. Since we are in the pandemic period and ventilators are in high demand, some people tend to fall for it. Furthermore, they ask for the necessary documents, including government authorization letter and proof of funds. They also go as far as asking you to assign a company in China to handle the export.

After that, they tell you:

“After we have verified all your documents – you can come to the factory to inspect the goods and make payment. You will sign the contract directly with the factory.”

Please, don’t fall for this big scam. That’s because they can go as far as showing you the factory with lots of equipment. And after you sign A fake contract and make payments, the story changes.

“Sorry someone with strong government connections just jumped the queue, and took possession of these units.” Or “Very sorry that there is a last-minute government directive – these machines will be used for government donation to a friendly country.”

Finally, they tell you again:

“Yours will have to wait – but we are committed, how about we change current stock into pre-doer, and deliver you 20-30 units per day?”

And the story continues like that, till you’re unable to get back your money.

Don’t Fall For The Ventilator Scam In China

Beijing Aeonmed, the manufacturer of the VG70 ventilator has come out to say its company is not involved in any attempt to increase the price of the machines.

Also, according to Li Kai, the director of the Beijing Aeonmed, it’s impossible for the seller to have many of the company’s products in stock for sale. The director further added that Aeonmed has found some of the scammers using its name to defraud people.

Furthermore, the FBI has also warned about multiple incidents of some agencies in the US getting scammed. With all of that, government agencies and hospitals need to be very careful. That’ll help to prevent them from falling victim to the ongoing ventilator scam in China.

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