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Slow-motion Video: Armenia shot down Azerbaijan’s drone

Armenia shot Azerbaijan drone
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Slowmotion video shows an Azerbaijan’s drone being shot down by Armenia. This is not the only drone (shown in the video below) that has been shot down during the clashes of Azerbaijan and Armenia’s forces. According to the latest reports, so far 4 Azerbaijani drones have been shot down by Armenian forces.

The video below shows how Armenia shot down Azerbaijan’s drone

It’s been 5 days that the clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenian troops have not stopped. However, Russia, Turkey and France have called for the ceasefire between the two arch-enemies.

Today’s important events from Azerbaijan and Armenia ongoing war:

  • Two French journalists working for Le Monde has been injured by the ongoing Azerbaijani shelling of Martuni. Both have been sent to the hospital reportedly in critical conditions.
  • A journalist for Armenia TV has also been injured. In addition, a Russian reporter as well as other local journalists have been injured.
  • Three shells from the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict have landed in Iran. One child has been injured & 6 houses have been damaged.
  • Azerbaijani aircraft crashing after being shot down by Armenian forces. See the video below:

  • French President Emmanuel Macron says that France has information “with certainty” on the presence of “Syrian fighters of jihadist groups” in Nagorno Karabakh
  • The press secretary for Armenia’s MoD says that artillery battles of varying intensity are “raging” across the entirety of the front line currently. Azerbaijan MoD says that Armenian forces are firing at civilian targets in Horadiz.
  • A US Defense official has told Sky News Arabia that the reports about dozens of flights between Turkey and Azerbaijan to transport hundreds of Syrian mercenaries are “proven and correct”

So far till today, Armenia and Azerbaijan have defied calls for a truce over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region. Let’s see how things move going forward.

Another video showing Azerbaijani drones destroying Armenian military tanks:

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