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VIDEO: Czech Police forced a man to the ground and arrested him for not wearing mask

Czech Police video arrested man
Image: Video Screenshot

Czech Republic’s police forced a man to the ground and arrested him for not wearing a mask while his child was comforted by a stranger, shows a video.

The incident happened in a Czech Republic’s town called Uherské Hradiště.

Investigation started

“We’re sorry the child witnessed it, but before I come to any hasty conclusions, I will first investigate what really happened, and what preceded the incident,” said Mayor Stanislav Blaha.

According to police, the man refused to provide his identity and also denied to wear mask. Officers say, the man also tried to walk away when stopped.

The Czech Republic is under a state of emergency till 28 March.

As of 1 March, the Czech Government tightens up the measures for three weeks (till 21 March).  Under new measures people cannot leave their districts. However, exceptions apply if:

  • travelling to work,
  • care for a close one or animals,
  • travelling to health care or social welfare establishments (incl. accompaniment of a close one),
  • travelling to public authorities,
  • attending a funeral (up to 15 people); this exception does not apply to weddings and they can be attended only within the district borders; visit to a cemetery (except for a funeral itself) is not a reason for leaving your district either;
  • travelling for education.

A complete list of exemptions can be found here.

Video of man arrested by Czech Police

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