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Viral Video: Swan Teaches Woman How To Wear A Mask

swan viral video Woman Wear A Mask

A video that has gone viral on social media shows a swan teaching a woman how to properly wear a mask. For the past couple of months, masks have been an essential piece of clothing. Since the onset of coronavirus, the compulsory use of masks has been imposed strictly by authorities. The World Health Organization has urged states to compel their residents to wear masks. Masks are one of the most effective and important ways to prevent the spread of the virus. Several countries have enacted laws and issued regulations that make it compulsory to wear a mask whenever stepping out.

Watch the video how a swan is teaching a woman to wear a mask

The viral video of the swan and the woman show the woman crouching in front of the swan at the park, the woman is attempting to caress the swan. The video shows that the woman has her mask down, her nose and mouth are exposed as she is crouching down. Apparently, the neglect portrayed by the woman in maintaining standard SOPs offends the swan. This is when the swan reaches across the small stream separating it from the woman, in one instant the swan snaps the mask across the woman’s face. It is as if the swan is educating the woman on how to properly wear a mask.

The viral video showing the swan is reportedly filmed at a park in France. The woman’s reaction is confusion and laughter and she sits backward in shock, comprehending what just happened. The woman then falls back in shock as the onlookers laugh in amusement. “This swan is clearly much wiser than the woman. The swan puts her mask ON, she immediately takes it OFF,” a user commented.

The video is making rounds on social media, as thousands of people are liking, commenting and retweeting the video. Many users have commented that this video is solid proof that swans are more intelligent than humans. The video has been captioned, “You’ve been told: wear your mask!” The swan seems wise and intelligent as it yanks up the mask on the woman’s face. The swan does this without hurting the woman or appearing hostile.

Masks are important!

France is one of the worst-hit states according to the World Health Organization, coronavirus cases being brought forward keep multiplying each day. The country is facing one of the worst days since the pandemic started, almost 10,000 new cases were registered on the day this video went viral. Health authorities reported 9,843 new Covid-19 cases, this marks the country’s highest single-day total since the pandemic began. (The swan was right in being offended)

Professor Catherine Noakes, a prominent member of the UK Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), said regarding the importance of masks, “Coronavirus is emitted in tiny droplets when we breathe, talk, laugh or cough. Other people can be exposed to these when they are close to someone with the virus or they are in a poorly ventilated room for a long time. Wearing a face covering prevents most of these droplets from being released into the air, and can also reduce the number of droplets that you are exposed to.”

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