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Video: Gas Tanker Explosion On The Nayarit Highway In Mexico Leaves Several Dead

Video: Gas tanker explosion on Nayarit Highway in Mexico
Source: Video Screenshot

A massive explosion of a gas tanker at Mexico’s Nayarit highway was witnessed in the videos posted over social media. The explosion, which many initially said happened due to a gas pipeline, left six people dead, reports officials from Nayarit.

The incident took place on a Tepic-Guadalajara highway in the city of Jala, Nayarit state in Mexico on Monday morning.

“A few minutes ago, the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection informed me that on the Tepic-Guadalajara highway, at the height of the Jala-Compostela cruise, an explosion of a gas tanker was recorded, which has unfortunately left several people dead until the moment. The elements of Citizen Protection and Firefighters, and the National Guard, are already on the scene, and I have instructed that victims be treated and supported as soon as possible,” said Antonio Echevarría García, the governor of Nayarit on his Facebook’s post. (Translated)

According to local media reports, one person survived and was transferred to a hospital in Tepic, Nayarit, after the gas tanker/truck accident, which reportedly ran out of brakes.

Videos shared on social media shows the moment when the explosion took place that hit other vehicles near the gas tanker/trailer. Watch the video below:

Videos of gas tanker explosion in Nayarit, Mexico

Here’s another video of a gas tanker explosion on the Guadalajara-Tepic highway in Nayarit, Mexico. Unofficial figures quote that at least 12 people reportedly died due to the blast.


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