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Video: Giraffe Spotted In A House In Karachi, Pakistan

Giraffe Karachi DHA Video
Source: Twitter

Needless to say, giraffes belong to Africa and are among the tallest living animals. Giraffes also possess the ability to adapt to a variety of habitats such as dry deserts, forests and even savannas. However, one place which would be fatal to a giraffe’s survival is a house.  A video from Karachi is making rounds on social media, the video displays a giraffe stuck in the backyard of a house, peering outside in hopes of escaping the walls.

Video of Giraffe Recorded in DHA, Karachi

The forlorn animal looks miserable since giraffes are not used to being confined in one place, giraffes often enjoy walking around in groups. The video has attracted considerable hate and criticism on social media. In recent years, movements to abolish zoos have sparked around the world. People are beginning to advocate for voiceless creatures. Confining an animal suited to the wild in a small space is against all virtues of ethics.

Javed Mazhar, who holds a Masters in Forestry and is currently working at the Wildlife department of Government of Sindh tweeted, “ On the complaints of our respected citizens @Sindhwildlife team visited this premises with a message of awareness & request to shift this out of residential area. To keep the records straight this must be very clear here that there is no any licence issued for this place by Sindh Wildlife as checked right now from concerned official.”

Not only is trapping a wild animal in four walls of your home a crime, but it is also against all standards of decency and civility. People online have argued that confining wild animals within your home is a shameful display of wealth and illiteracy. They have urged the Sindh Wild Life Department to take strict measures against the inhabitants of the house to deter more people from doing the same.

Video of lion from Lahore, Pakistan

Another video has surfaced from Lahore that shows a lion sitting in the back of a car. The windows of the car are slightly pulled down revealing the sad lion eagerly peering outside.  These people must be pursued by authorities and severely punished to set an example.

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