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Video: Ikoyi prison on fire, inmates attempt jailbreak in Lagos

Ikoyi prison fire jailbreak Lagos video

Reports from Nigeria indicate that a fire has broken out in Ikoyi prison and inmates are trying to jailbreak at Lagos. Updates by local media say that inmates are attempting to break out of prison, and there are gunshots been heard in the area around Ikoyi prison

Shooting and fire at Ikoyi prison in Lagos

A video circulating on social media shows clouds of smoke and dust rising from areas surrounding the prison.

Local news states that several inmates were shot as the authorities attempted to foil the revolt. A combined team of correctional officers in addition to soldiers responded by arriving promptly at the location of Ikoyi prison. An inmate inside the prison who did not partake in the jailbreak sent a newspaper agency videos and messages describing the revolt by other inmates. This jailbreak from Ikoyi prison is happening three days after hundreds of inmates escaped from Benin prison.

Sources inside the prison and witnesses have stated that several prisons have been shot. These prisoners were shot as they attempted to climb the gate of the prison. The situation was intense which is why Nigerian Army was called to help the correctional officers in suppressing the situation. Many people have questioned the correctional officers on ethical grounds for shooting prisoners.

Videos – Ikoyi prisoners attempt to jailbreak in Lagos

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