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Video: Malaysian man found monkey selfies on missing iPhone

Video Malaysian Man Monkey Selfies on phone Zackrydz Rodzi

In an interesting turn of events, a Malaysian man named Zackrydz Rodzi claims that he found monkey selfies and videos on his missing phone that he was successful in retrieving from the jungle behind his house. The photographs illustrate the monkey attempting to eat the phone. Zackrydz Rodzi posted the monkey selfies on his Twitter, the selfies have been liked and retweeted by thousands of people. The monkey seems to be the new celebrity on the internet.

Monkey videos and selfies found inside Malaysian man’s phone

The Malaysian man, a student, said that he thought his phone had been stolen after it went missing while he was sleeping. However, it remained unclear how the phone was stolen. Zackrydz found no signs of a break-in or a potential theft. Interestingly, the only item missing from the house was the mobile phone. It was also not possible to verify the circumstances in which the photos and videos ended up on his phone.

Zackrydrz Rodzi, a 20-year-old narrated the entire incident to BBC. He says he realized that his phone was missing from his bedside when he woke up at 11 am on Saturday Morning. “There was no sign of robbery. The only thing on my mind was is it some kind of sorcery,” said the final year computer science student from Batu Pahat in the southern state of Johor.

Thieving monkey may have a potential career as a freelance photographer

The following events help connect dots regarding the mystery of the missing phone. A few hours later, in a video shared with the BBC that was time-coded 2.01 pm that same day, a monkey appeared to be trying to eat the phone. The cute little creature was attempting to sink its teeth on the phone’s screen. The primate can be seen staring down the camera against a backdrop of bright green leaves and crowing birds. There were also a series of photos of the monkey, trees and other foliage on the phone. It seems the thieving monkey is quite a photographer.

Zackrydz said that he had given up all hope of finding his phone until Sunday afternoon. This was when his father noticed a monkey sneaking outside their house. Zackrydz’s father instinctively called on Zackrydz’s phone which he heard ringing from the jungle. Zackrydz’s father says he found the muddy phone on some leaves beneath a palm tree.  His uncle joked that maybe there was a photo on the phone of the thief, he said, so after cleaning it he opened the picture gallery “and boom, it’s full of monkey photos”.

Zackrydz further revealed that unlike neighborhoods where monkeys are known for stealing belongings from houses, no such incident had ever happened before in his neighborhood. He suspects the monkey may have entered the house through his brother’s open bedroom window. After all, monkeys are intelligent creatures.

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