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Video from Indonesia titled as ‘Torture of Uighur Muslims in China’

Uighur Muslims Video Torture Indonesia
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A torture video has surfaced online illustrating the extent of torture being inflicted upon Uighur Muslims in China. The torture video shows a uniformed officer repeatedly thrashing a middle-aged man. The man is stripped naked and crouched against the wall, the initial source of the video has claimed that it was filmed from a concentration camp in China holding thousands of Uighur Muslims in captivity.

The video caption reads, “China is crushing the Uighurs. Inside those concentration camps they are holding up to three million Muslims they are beating them to convert their religion, eat pork they are basically trying to impose Islam with Chinese characteristics or if not they gon murder them kill them separate them from their families and friends…”

What is happening to Uighur Muslims?

China’s brutal treatment of ethnic Uighurs is not a secret. The Uighur Muslims have been held captive in concentration camps by Chinese authorities for several months now. The silence displayed by the entire world and particularly Muslim countries regarding this matter is appalling. According to the latest reports, more than one million Uighurs, Kazakhs and others are held in concentration camps in Xinjiang province where they are tortured and brainwashed to honor the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CPC) and renounce their religious beliefs. This treatment goes against all standards of basic decency enacted in law and binding conventions.

The Chinese government has labeled these concentration camps as  ‘vocational educational schools’. Although all of the above facts regarding the treatment of Uighur Muslims hold true but a bit of fact-checking has revealed that the video in question is actually fake. Alt News was able to trace the initial source of the video by reverse searching one of the images from the video on Yandex. This led to a video uploaded on YouTube with a caption in Indonesian— “Video Viral !! Tni Menangkap gangster ! lalu lihat apa yang terjadi”— that translates to “Video viral!! TNI catch the gangsters! Then look what happened.”

Fact Check: False

The original source of the video has been traced to Indonesia, the fact that it is being attributed to concentration camps in China is false. TNI is a shorter version for Tentara Nasional Indonesia which is the Indonesian National Armed Forces. According to further reports and sources, the man in the video is not a Uighur Muslim but a criminal caught for his involvement in street crimes. He is reported to have stabbed several bikers.

It was further noticed that the unformed man in the video is wearing a helmet with the initials ‘PKD’. Alt News contacted Ilham Akhsanu Ridlo, a faculty member at the University of Airlangga in Indonesia. He said that PKD stands for Petugas Pengamanan Dalam or Internal Security Officer, hired as a private security guard.

Claim: Video of Uighur Muslims tortured in China

Claimed by: Facebook posts

Fact Check: False


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