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Viral Video: Meanwhile in China’s Wuhan, It’s Party Time

meanwhile in wuhan party video

A video with a description, “Meanwhile in Wuhan” has gone viral on social media websites. It is visible in the video that I’M-HAN night station is the name of the night club in Wuhan where the ‘party video’ has been shot.

Video titled “Meanwhile in Wuhan” shows people are partying in the Chinese city without masks, which makes it look like life is basically back to normal in Wuhan.

Wuhan lifted its lockdown seven months ago and that is why people in Wuhan are celebrating in large groups. The first video below shows Chinese boys and girls partying and dancing without masks.

Reaction over “Meanwhile in Wuhan videos”

A user tweeted, “London is in another lockdown after an implausible 17 news strains of the coronavirus have been detected. NYC and Los Angeles have been in some form of a lockdown virtually all year.  Meanwhile, in Wuhan… Trust the science”

Another user wrote, “Countries in Europe are still not able to cope with the virus, new wave of more strict lockdowns are on the way. Christmas markets are canceled. Meanwhile Chinese are enjoying non-stop parties in Wuhan. But you all can continue scrolling, nothing’s fishy.”

“Lockdown continues in many countries; some have intensified the mandate. Meanwhile, in Wuhan, they are partying without masks and social distancing. The good thing is that they don’t have health care workers performing a choreographed dance in Tiktok.” a user said on social media website Twitter.

Wuhan party

“After experiencing the first wave of epidemic in Wuhan and then the liberation, I feel like I’m living a second life,” says Zhang, 29 told Reuters.

Reuters recent video shows nightlife in China’s Wuhan is back in full swing after seven months of strict lockdown. “Looking pretty normal. “Evenings at nightclubs, meals with friends… Nightlife has resumed in Wuhan.” one user said after watching the party videos.


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