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Woman behind ‘not real’ viral outburst has been identified

Tiffany Gomas speaks up on 'not real' plane incident: 'My life has been blown up'
Source: Video Screenshot

The woman who caused a big scene on the American Airlines flight, shouting that ‘motherf**ker back there is not real’, has been ID’d as a marketing executive from Texas.

Tiffany Gomas told the police that her outburst happened because of a disagreement about airpods, The Post verified. After her strange behavior, the airline had to remove her from the plane, causing delays for everyone else onboard.

American Airlines ‘back there is not real’ incident woman confirmed as a marketing executive from Texas

In the viral video, she shouted, “There’s a reason why I’m getting the f—k off”” but she was still hesitant to go. The 38-year-old woman had to be removed by the staff, according to the police documents.

The video was first posted by @knuckelslawncare on TikTok, who was both a witness and a fellow passenger. In the video, the woman is visibly upset and talking incoherently as she moves along the airplane aisle.

Certain Twitter users also shared jokes related to the movie “Final Destination” and other memes.

Gomas also told the passengers: “You can sit on this plane and you can f—ing die with them or not. I’m not going to.”

The disagreement began when Gomas got into a fight with her family members who were also traveling with her. She accused them of taking her AirPods, as reported by the police.

When Insider contacted American Airlines, they shared that the incident occurred during a flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Orlando. The flight had to go back to the gate because of a disruptive passenger. The airline mentioned that they had to involve local law enforcement in the situation.

Official complaint mentions Gomas didn’t comply with police

The documents showed that TSA staff came over to the area and checked the plane thoroughly once again.

When the officers got to the gate, Gomas was very upset and wanted to re-board the plane, The Post reported. The police officers from the Dallas-Fort Worth Department of Public Safety attempted to talk to Gomas, but she declined to speak with them.

“[The airline manager] gave Gomes a verbal criminal trespass notice, explaining she was denied boarding and needed to depart the secure area,” investigators noted.

The complaint mentioned that Gomas didn’t show her identification to the police. She was never officially arrested or held in custody.


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