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Xbox friends lists appear empty or not working for players

xbox friends list empty not working

Xbox players are facing issues with their friends list not working or showing empty.

As per social media posts, the bug affected many players on Wednesday for several hours. The users are not able to see members of their friend lists or their friend lists disappear.

Players affected by Xbox friends list empty or not working bug

The friend list feature is an important aspect of the Xbox gaming experience. In case a game does not have built-in chat options, gamers can invite friends to chat while gaming. It allows players to meet new friends and enter other gamer’s parties.

Xbox friends lists appear empty or not working for players

However, the recent issue prevents players from teaming up with their friends on popular game titles. According to reports, Xbox Series X and other versions are plagued with this bug for a few days.

Reports of bugs

In some cases, the friend list shows just one person and in others, the list does not load.

“My Xbox is currently only showing 1 person, even though I have at least 80 friends. It just shows one person, nobody offline, and when I search up one of my friends, it says “Change friendship” meaning they are still my friend,” one user posted on Reddit.

Another Redditor said he recently bought the Xbox Series and the issue appears on his console. “I set everything up as instructed and have been playing for a couple of hours but my friends’ list isn’t loading at all,” they posted.

Initially, the issue was limited to the consoles, but it has spread to the Xbox app too.

“Even weirder on the Xbox app on my phone it says all of my friends are offline and it has said this all day. I can guarantee that at least one of them would have come online, I always seem to have at least one friend online regardless of the time of day,” the user added.

There is no official acknowledgment by the Xbox support team yet.

This is not the first time the gaming service has experienced such an issue. There have been various instances of similar reports from Xbox users in the past.

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