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YouTube app ‘History’ section missing or disappeared

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Many users have complained that the ‘History’ section has gone missing or disappeared on the YouTube website and desktop app.

Users say that they face this issue even though they’ve turned on all their history settings and can see their watch history on the Youtube mobile app.

Reports of YouTube app ‘History’ section missing or disappeared after recent update

YouTube recently made some changes to its mobile app to make it more user-friendly and personalized. As part of the new update, they got rid of the Library tab, where users used to find their watch history and playlists.

Instead, they introduced the You tab. But for some people using the YouTube app, this shift caused a problem ā€“ their ‘History’ section vanished, which was pretty frustrating.

“Same after the update my history gone šŸ˜””, wrote one user on X. Another user wrote that, “Iā€™m VERY upset about this.”

The YouTube community is buzzing with frustration. Many users are turning to forums and social media to share their worries. They’re feeling disoriented because they no longer have straightforward access to their viewing history.

This history was a handy way to revisit their favorite videos, keep track of recent activities, and remember what they’ve already watched.

Issue acknowledged + potential workarounds

Apparently, YouTube support is aware of this problem and has acknowledged that it is an issue on their end.

There are also some potential workarounds to regain access to the ‘History’ section on the YouTube app. Here are a couple of methods:

Uninstall YouTube updates and sign out/in: You can try uninstalling all updates to the YouTube app on your mobile device and then sign out of your Google account within the app. After that, download the app again and sign back in.

Log out and log back in: Another simpler approach is to log out of your YouTube account within the mobile app and then log back in. In some cases, this simple action has restored the missing ‘History’ section.

It’s important to keep in mind that these solutions might not work for everyone. So, if these methods don’t work, it’s advisable to be patient and wait for an official fix from YouTube.


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