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YouTube ‘start appeal button’ not working or missing: reports

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Multiple users have reported that the YouTube start appeal button is either missing or not working when attempting to appeal strikes on their content.

YouTube, a widely-used platform for sharing videos and content on various topics, has strict rules and regulations for content sharing. Occasionally, videos or channels can be taken down for violating community guidelines. However, some users have reported being unable to file appeals against these strikes.

Reports of YouTube start appeal button missing or not working

According to several reports, users are claiming that they cannot begin the appeals process as the button to do so is unavailable on the platform. This has left those impacted unable to request a review of their content.

One user reported losing access to the appeal button after accidentally deleting their ‘striked’ video, making it impossible for them to get it reviewed and restored. Others have reported being presented with a re-appeal button without having initiated an appeal in the first place, which has caused confusion.

“@TeamYouTube Hello, I am an administrator running a YouTube channel. I accidentally deleted a video that received a community warning and the appeal button disappeared. What should I do?” said one person.

“It is April 6th and I meet all the requirements, yet the reapply button is not available?! not to mention you rejected my appeal that showed how we create all our content @TeamYouTube” another person reported.

According to some YouTube users, they can see the appeal button, but they are unable to initiate the appeal process. Users claim that when they click on the button, they are prompted to fill out the form even if they have already completed it.

In addition, some users report that clicking on the button redirects them to a general help tab instead of the appeals process.

Official acknowledgment

Fortunately, the official YouTube support team on Twitter has taken notice of the problem and confirmed that they are currently looking into it. However, there is no official estimate for when the bug will be fixed.

The above tweet shows the response of a YouTube support representative.

Although, recent tweets suggest that the team is working on the technical issue.

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