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Top 5 Best Clubhouse app alternatives

Clubhouse app alternatives
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The invite-only Clubhouse app is currently only available on iOS devices but there are several alternatives that Android users can download from the Google Play store.

Best Clubhouse app alternatives for Android

Here, we have listed down the top 5 apps like Clubhouse for Android and iOS platforms. You can take a quick look at the list below and click on the download link for the relevant app.

1. Twitter Audio Spaces

Twitter announced Spaces back in December 2020 which is similar to Clubhouse but integrated inside Twitter along with Fleets.

You can use Twitter Spaces by long-pressing the Compose button on Twitter and selecting Spaces. Tap on your profile picture under Fleets and scroll right to find Spaces. If you can’t find the option then Spaces is not yet available on your Twitter account. Spaces is public just like Clubhouse and anyone can enter and listen to your Spaces. However, you can choose who can speak in your Spaces: Everyone, People you follow, or Only people you invite to speak.

Moreover, as of now, only 10 users can speak at a time. After you finish your Spaces, nothing will be publicly available. But, Twitter will keep a copy of Spaces for 30 days in case of any breach. Also, protected profiles can’t create Spaces, they can only join and listen to other discussions.

You need to install Twitter to use Spaces on Android / iOS.

2. Wavve

Wavve was formed specifically for musicians and podcasters, but can also be used for vocal networking vocal. It is the best option to promote your next podcast episode or share special snippets about a new project. Wavve enables you to use audio to better spread the word about your work on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. With various audio and video formats that are compatible with current social apps, you can upload your audio content to fit the look of wherever you’re sharing to.

3. Discord

Discord originally came as a helpful app for gamers but recently they’ve announced to be more inclusive with their rebranding as “your place to talk”. Similar to Clubhouse, on Discord, you can create separate “channels” with topics of your interest. You can then invite your fellow Discord members to these channels to talk via text or audio. For some chats, you will need the host’s permission to enter, others you can join in without permission and leave.

4. Spoon

For Android users looking for a Clubhouse alternative, Spoon is a better option. The Spoon app allows people to search for and join the latest discussions about a number of topics, such as games or music. Chats are done live and anyone can join one of the public voice chats. There are also some additional voice chat options, including talk, cast, and live. In the Spoon app, people can avail themselves the option to receive monetary donations for their live stream chats.

5. Riffr

Another worth considering alternative is the Riffr app. Like Clubhouse, Riffr is based on audio. Users can post “riffs”, which are basically audio conversations and others can reply with their own. The app also provides a search feature, so that users can find topics according to their interests, just like Clubhouse. However, unlike Clubhouse audio conversations, Riffs aren’t in real-time. For anyone who doesn’t like the live feature of Clubhouse, but an audio app, this is a good competitor.

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