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Game console: Apple is working on a gaming device

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For a while now, there have been several rumors across various social media platforms that Apple might be working on a gaming console. While PlayStation and Xbox have been on a face-off for a long time, Apple might now be preparing to join them. For now, Apple’s greatest move into the gaming industry is the Apple Arcade. That’s a video game subscription service, for iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and macOS devices.

While Apple Arcade has proven to be a great service for gamers, its chances of replacing gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox are zero. However, if the rumor of Apple working on its gaming console is true, there’s a slim chance for Apple to join Sony and Microsoft in the competition.

In this article, we’ll be showing you everything we know about Apple’s gaming console, rumored to use ARM-based chips.

Rumor: Apple Is Working On Its Own Gaming Console

According to a reliable leaker and a Twitter user @MauriQHD, Apple might be working on a gaming console. The user also hinted in the tweet that the gaming console will be making use of ARM-based chips. Have a quick look at the leaker’s tweet below:

“Apple, working on an ARM console I’m hearing.”

Looking at the post above, you’ll notice that the user didn’t mention any particular source. Apart from that, Apple is yet to make any official release regarding a gaming console. As such, you should take the information with a pinch of salt.

Come to think of it, the word console as mentioned by the leaker could mean something else. Even, Apple has something that we can technically call an ARM-based gaming console, and that’s the new Apple TV. With the box, users can stream movies and play games as well. The device makes use of an Apple A10X Fusion chip, which enables its users to pair Xbox Wireless Controllers to it.

But here’s a question: is it possible for Apple to work on a gaming console?

Well, the answer is yes. With Apple putting in efforts to create more powerful A-series chips for its Mac devices, there’s a possibility that it could also work on a gaming console in the nearest future.

Is This A Great Move By Apple?

The fact remains that the move by Apple to create its own console is a two-way thing. First, it could be a great time for the Cupertino-based company to diversify its product range. Apart from that, it could also be a pointless move.

No doubt, Apple for sure has all it takes to go fully into the console market. However, the burning question is:

is it worth going into a battle against the likes of Xbox and PlayStation?

Sony and Microsoft have been in the game for a long while. So, they understand the industry better and know what needs to be done to remain in the competition. It’ll take a long time before Apple will be able to level up in the industry.

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