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Google Chromecast not connecting to WiFi for many users

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Some Chromecast users are experiencing problems with their devices. They posted on social media about their Google Chromecast device not connecting to WiFi. 

Chromecast is a device that turns your normal TV into a smart TV. You can cast anything from YouTube, Netflix, or other streaming sites on your phone to your TV. It requires a stable Wi-Fi connection.

Social media complaints about Google Chromecast not connecting to WiFi

Most of the posts said that they successfully set up their Chromecast. But when they tried to connect it to a WiFi network, it showed an error.

Errors such as ‘Chromecast is connected but not registered’ and ‘cannot reach the internet’ were displayed on the TV.

“I purchased Chromecast with Google TV because I need to access a website on this TV (Roku does not provide an app for web browsing.) During setup, I cannot get Chromecast to connect to my WiFi. I have 3 other non-smart TVs and Chromecast will connect fine on those,” a user posted on the Google community.

This is not a new issue and there have been multiple reports on social media. However, there has been no fix for the persisting problem.

WiFi connectivity issues are generally common with most smart home electronics. There have been cases of Chromecast users unable to connect to 5GHz wireless routers, according to PiunikaWeb.

However, 5GHz routers are not the culprits in many other cases where Chromecast devices are having WiFi connectivity issues.

Potential workarounds for Chromecast users

Luckily, there are some solutions that will help users resolve the problem. First, they need to switch the 2.4GHz channel between 1, 6, and 11 and continue with the one that works.

Second, users will have to enable Access point isolation so they can get the device connected to a Wi-Fi network through the Google Home app.

This is applicable for users who have recently switched to a different router or a new Wi-Fi network.

Resetting the TV may also work. They can also access Google’s troubleshooting guide to securely connect to Wi-Fi with their Chromecast devices.


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