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Chime Down: issues reported with mobile app and website

Chime App Down Banking

UPDATE Dec 7: It appears that chaos has struck once more. On December 7, around 10:45 a.m. ET / 7:45 a.m. PT, numerous websites were reported to be down. Amazon, Facebook, Disney+, Chime, and other companies are included in the outage. A quick look at Down Detector confirms the widespread outages, revealing massive spikes of user-reported issues across a diverse range of websites.

Chime down

“Some members may be experiencing intermittent issues with our mobile app and website. All card purchases and ATM withdrawals are functioning normally. Our team is working with our partners to resolve the situation ASAP,” the company said in a tweet.

Update Oct 29: Chime is up and running now. The official account for Chime on Twitter reported, “We’re happy to report that all Chime services are now functioning normally. We sincerely apologize for the disruption.”

According to several users online, Chime is down and experiencing a network outage. Chime app is a popular online-only banking facility that partners up with two banks to offer a checking and savings account. Several users online are tweeting about their application not working. It appears that the Chime app is down in most parts of the world.

The Chime app is down!

Downdetector, the service that shows a real-time overview of outages on various platforms witnessed a hike in complaints regarding Chime. One user tweeted, “@Chime is ur services down or what? I was just getting coffee and my cards (2) of them were declined both have money in them. Then when I go to the app it says oops not ur fault our fault. Ur website says there is no problems but clearly there is a problem!”

The official website for Chime displays the following message right now, “Update: We are currently experiencing intermittent issues with our mobile apps and website. Our teams are working diligently to bring everything back online. Card purchases and ATM withdrawals are working normally with the exception of SpotMe purchases.”

Another angry Chime user tweeted, “My account is frozen and I can’t make purchases. Tried to contact through the app and chime app and website both down.” Another user complained, “@Chime look, y’all did maintenance and now nothing works. No information no warning. This happened last year at this time and your answer was a spot me increase. We can’t access our funds or pay bills. What is your resolution this time, bills are due and this isn’t right.”

Users complain

This network outage is especially causing a lot of inconveniences because it is the month’s end and many people are trying to meet their deadlines for bills.  Another disappointed user tweeted, “Right on. This will be my last time dealing with it. Capital One bank will get my business from this point forward. I needed to pay my bills today.” Another tweeted, “It was a lot of fun spending an hour at the grocery store only for my card to be declined 3 times. It was even more fun trying to get home on an empty tank because I couldn’t use my card to get gas. Normally I’m your biggest fan, but this is a pretty big blow.”

Several Chime users have resorted to Twitter for voicing their inconveniences caused by the network outage on Chime. Another user tweeted, “This is ridiculous. I should be stuck at the gas station because I’m broke NOT because my bank is having issues. Craziness. Its I’m switching tim tired of this, pouring rain and freezing here and I cant even turn the heat on. Smh Chime.” While another tweeted, “I’m switching tim tired of this , This the same thing that happen last night . Hurry up so I can cancel my account.”


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