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After Missile Facilities, China Now Builds Heliport Near Doklam

China Missile Facilities Doklam Heliport Indian Border

According to the latest discovery by an analyst on Twitter, it seems China is now building a heliport very close to the Indian border. Speaking of the location, it’s located in-between two sites, where China is developing its surface-to-air missile facilities near Doklam.

New Heliport Located Around China Missile Facilities Near Doklam

All thanks to open-source satellite imagery by an analyst, with the Twitter username @detresfa, we now have information regarding a suspected heliport, which China is building close to the Indian border. To be precise, the heliport infrastructure is located at a distance of about 100km from Doka pass and Naku pass.

Here’s what the open-source intelligence analyst tweeted regarding the suspected heliport below:

“Suspected PLA heliport infrastructure spotted part of an ongoing investigation near the #Doklam region of the #India #China #Bhutan tri-junction, this support unit could sustain all weather & rapid troop deployments in the sector along with improving surveillance operations.”

China Missile Facilities Doklam Heliport Indian Border
Source: @detresfa

The new info comes following the satellite images posted by the analyst. As for the images, they revealed two sites, where China is building its new surface-to-air missile facilities.

The two missile facilities are located about 50 km from Doka La near the Doklam plateau. That’s where the 2017’s 73-day military face-off between China and India occurred. Also, it’s about 50 km away from Naku La, where the May 9 face-off between the two countries happened. After the clash in the said region, about 11 soldiers, including 4 India and 7 Chinese soldiers, were seriously injured. Furthermore, the missile facilities lie near the Indian border, described as suspected early warning radar sites, opposite Sikkim.

Here’s a description posted by the analyst on Twitter.

“steady build-up of support infrastructure by the People’s Liberation Army of China [near] areas with a history of clashes [and] disputed territorial claims demonstrates the long-term Chinese ambitions in these sectors.

” With the addition of a heliport along with area denial systems within 100 km from Doka La [and] Naku La, China would be able to sustain all the weather operations in the disputed areas regardless of the harsh terrain [and] conditions.”

Chinese Heliports Also Spotted In Other Locations

Apart from the heliport located not far away from the China missile facilities in Doklam, another satellite image by @detresfa, first spotted by The Print, also revealed that China is also building two new heliports in the eastern Ladakh. According to the analyst, one is located very close to Galwan Valley, in Tianshuihai. The other one is in Rutog County, very close to the northern bank of Pangong Tso.

Apart from that, satellite images also spotted China carrying out construction activities on its side of LAC, in western Ladakh. Although the two countries held meetings in the past, with an agreement to de-escalate. However, recent satellite images proved, there’s no such thing as disengagement from the said region. The purpose of the construction, according to some sources, is to provide support for thousands of Chinese soldiers near Ladakh. Also, there’s a possibility that it’s a pressure tactic on the India side.

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