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40 Chinese Soldiers Killed In India-China Border Clash Is Fake News, Says Chinese Foreign Ministry

Indian special forces member killed India-China border clash

In one of our posts, we talked about the violent face-off that happened on June 15, between China and India, in the Himalayan valley of Galwan in Ladakh. Shortly after the India-China border clash, there were several reports online claiming that India lost 20 soldiers, while 40 Chinese soldiers were killed during the face-off. No doubt, Indian armed forces were able to confirm the numbers from their own side. However, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has rejected the claims, saying that they are fake news.

China Rejects Claims Of 40 Chinese Soldiers Being Killed

According to the latest report, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has rejected the claims that 40 soldiers were killed last week.

After the violent face-off that happened in Galwan Valley, Ladakh, there were several reports that 40 Chinese soldiers were killed. However, the spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, Zhao Lijian has come out to debunk the claims. While describing the reports during a press briefing in Beijing, the spokesman said they’re “fake news”.

Zhao was apparently striking back at what the Indian minister for roads and transport, V.K. Singh said last week after the India-China border clash. Here’s what the minister said below:

“If we lost 20 soldiers, more than double [this] number were killed on their [Chinese] side, “

China, India Agree To Cool Down Face-Off In Galwan Valley, Ladakh

Furthermore, the Chinese Foreign Ministry also assured that both countries have reached an agreement to cool off the ongoing India-China border clash in Galwan Valley, Ladakh through dialogue and consultation.

“Chinese and Indian border troops held a commander-level meeting on Monday. The first since the two sides clashed on June 15 at Galwan Valley. Showing that both sides hope to properly handle differences through dialogue and consultation.”

Also, sources have confirmed that the nearly 12-hour long Commander-level talks between the two countries came out positive. As such, there’s now a mutual consensus to cool off the India-China border clash in Galwan Valley, Ladakh.

So far, Beijing, which maintained that the Indian troop provoked its military troops into the violent face-off, is still unable to make an official announcement as to how many Chinese soldiers died during the clash.

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