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China’s military will destroy US troops if they’re present on Taiwan island, Chinese media says

In a tweet on Tuesday, US Senator John Cornyn stated that the US has up to 30,000 troops stationed on Taiwan, which is more than the 28,000 US troops stationed in South Korea. If that is the case, neither the Chinese government nor the Chinese people will accept it. It is expected that China will immediately implement the Anti-Secession Law, destroy and expel US troops from Taiwan using military force, and achieve reunification through force, wrote Global Times in an editorial piece.

Senator John Cornyn, however deleted the aforementioned tweet:

China has urged US to cut all official contacts, arms sales, and military ties with Taiwan. The US has broken its promise by maintaining “official” relations with Taiwan, selling arms to the island, and assisting it in utilising international space, said Chinese Foreign Minister Hua.

According to China, the presence of US troops on Taiwan violates both the agreements signed when China and the US established diplomatic ties, as well as all political documents between the two countries.

“We sternly demand an immediate explanation from the US government, as well as an immediate explanation from Taiwan authorities, regarding Cornyn’s tweet. If there are 30,000 US troops in Taiwan, or even fewer, it would be a very serious situation that would cross China’s red line. These US troops must leave the island immediately and unconditionally, and both the US government and Taiwanese authorities must publicly apologise. Otherwise, we believe that an all-out war across the Taiwan Straits will erupt quickly, with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army wiping out US forces, liberating the island of Taiwan, and finally resolving the Taiwan question,” Global Times said in the editorial posted on Tuesday.

Chinese said the presence of US troops in Taiwan is a red line that must not be crossed. According to Chinese media, the Chinese government and military forces will work tirelessly with the Chinese people to protect China’s territorial sovereignty and to ruthlessly eliminate and expel any foreign forces that violate Chinese territory.

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