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Console players say Minecraft not loading or stuck on 66%

According to reports, console players of Minecraft are encountering an issue where the game is not loading or is stuck on 66% progress. This problem has reportedly persisted for several days and is not affecting players on other platforms.

Reports of Minecraft not loading or stuck on 66% for many console players

Mojang Studios has recently released patch v1.19.70 for Minecraft, which brings various gameplay balances and quality-of-life improvements. These include enhancements to horse breeding, the emotes system, and vanilla parity, as well as bug fixes for gameplay, mobs, touch controls, realms, and more.

Nevertheless, there are reports of issues that some players are experiencing after installing this update. Players took to social media to express their concerns and the problems they were facing.

“I have an issue with the game on ps5 the game gets stuck at 66% and won’t start the game does anyone have a solution?” one player reported.

Another person wrote on social media: “Haven’t played Minecraft in years and the game is stuck loading at 66%.”

There were many who replied to their comments and said they were facing the same error. “I’m on Xbox One and have restarted the game and console, but no progress. It still sticks at 66%.”

Players were disappointed that their experience was ruined due to the error and demanded a fix.

Official acknowledgment + potential workarounds

Fortunately, Mojang support has taken note of the issue and has publicly acknowledged it on Twitter in response to a player’s tweet. Additionally, they have also provided a form for players experiencing the problem to fill out for further assistance.

There are also some potential workarounds that could help resolve the issue. One option is to disable network connectivity on your device before launching the game.

Alternatively, you can try rebooting your device with airplane mode enabled and then launch Minecraft. If neither of these options works, you can try updating your existing installation or reinstalling the game from scratch.

We hope that the game developers bring out a fix soon. For now, you can try the workarounds and wait for Mojang to release a bug-free version.


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