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Czech govt declares state of emergency due to rise in COVID cases

Due to an increase in coronavirus cases, the Czech government declared a state of emergency for 30 days, local TV channel reported Thursday.

The state of emergency will be declared immediately, during the night of Thursday to Friday, confirmed Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babisz. This is a response to the local health ministry’s postulates. Babisz reportedly said a few days ago that he would not declare a state of emergency.

When a state of emergency is declared, the government has the authority to impose restrictions on public life. It was not immediately clear what restrictions would be imposed, but the government has been considering a ban on large public events and limiting restaurant and bar opening hours rather than a full lockdown.


On Thursday, European countries expanded COVID-19 booster vaccinations and began plans to get shots to young children as the continent battled a surge in coronavirus cases and concerns about the economic fallout grew.

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