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Elon Musk scores partial win as Twitter ordered to provide data on fired exec

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Elon Musk scored a rare but partial win in the Twitter case. The Tesla boss will receive some of the extra information he had demanded from Twitter in the social media company’s lawsuit against him, Insider reported.

Elon Musk Twitter win: Judge orders files of former Twitter employee

Judge Kathleen St. Jude McCormick ordered Twitter to provide additional documents from one of its fired executives on Monday. The company’s former head of consumer products, Kayvon Beykpour, was fired in May.

Musk’s attorneys had asked for documents from 22 Twitter employees they said had data on the social media company’s method of “analyzing bot” accounts. However, the judge ordered Twitter to comply in part with Musk’s request.

Additionally, Twitter is providing data from over 41 presumed “custodians” of information as part of the case.

The billionaire filed the motion to compel additional documentation last week. He made the request confidentially so it does not show on the court’s docket.

Tesla CEO accused Twitter of a fraudulent “scheme”

Musk had also filed counterclaims against Twitter confidentially that accused Twitter of a fraudulent “scheme” around its user metrics. He said the company is trying to “distract” from what he called its many “misrepresentations.”

“That has been Twitter’s strategy all along: to distract from and obfuscate the truth about its disclosures — first from its investors and then from the Musk Parties when they began to discern the truth,” the claims read.

Twitter rejected the claims and said the billionaire’s “story” was “implausible and contrary to fact,” Insider reported.

The social media giant filed a reply with the court after-hours. Twitter said it was Musk’s attempt “to escape a merger agreement that Musk no longer found attractive once the stock market — and along with it, his massive personal wealth — declined in value.”

“The counterclaims are a made-for-litigation tale that is contradicted by the evidence and common sense,” Twitter added.

The Tesla CEO is now contemplating coercing Twitter to provide more information on its user data and collection and methods of analysis. Musk also said that Twitter refused his demands of providing information.

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