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Etna eruption video: It’s raining sand and rocks in Sicily

raining sand rocks etna etna eruption video
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Video shows unique scenes from Catania, a city in Sicily, where it was raining rocks and sands after volcanic eruption of Mount Etna on Sunday morning.

Another eruption of Mount Etna in Sicily creating a curious scene over Catania, Italy. Footage clearly shows hailstones, clumps of ash, and rock pelted down from the ash cloud that emanated from the volcano. Streets, driveways, and cars all covered with the ash, rocks and sand.

It looked like sand and rocks were raining from the sky in Sicily. – Resident

According to the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), Etna erupted at 7:55 a.m. on Sunday, sending out lava fountains and then a huge column of smoke and ash that rose 300 meters high above the ground. The event was accompanied by a sudden increase in the volcanic tremor.

Video shows rocks and sand raining in Catania, Sicily

According to Reuters, ash and rock fragments from Mount Etna’s eruption have coated roads and buildings in the Italian towns of Fornazzo, Santa Venerina, and Giarre.

Residents were witnessed using brooms to sweep up ash from Mount Etna’s volcanic eruption, which coated streets and cars in a nearby village.

Video shows time-lapse of Mount Etna eruption

This is a time-lapse of the paroxysmal explosive eruption at Mount Etna, one of the several volcanic eruptions over the last few weeks. It’s incredible to see how powerfully gas and ash is ejected into the atmosphere.


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