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How To Make Your Facebook Avatar: Step-By-Step Guide

How To Make Facebook Avatar

Facebook, launched in 2004, is one of the most popular online social media platforms. It’s favored by many because it offers some of the best features. Recently, the company rolled out a new feature, called Facebook Avatar, for its users across the world. As far as avatar is concerned, you can create your own and utilize it as a profile picture. Interestingly, you can also customize your Facebook avatar to look like you, and have the same hairstyle as you. Furthermore, you’ll be able to utilize the avatar as custom stickers, which you can use while commenting on Facebook posts. You can also share them on other social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram. In case you’re wondering how to make your own Facebook avatar, you might have to stop worrying about it. That’s because we’ll be sharing with you, in this post, everything you need to know about it.

How To Make Your Preferred Facebook Avatar

To make your preferred Facebook avatar, you need to follow the step by step guides below.

  • First, ensure you update your Facebook App to the latest version from the Apple app store or Google Play store.
  • Next, open the updated Facebook app and log in with your details.
  • Locate the “Menu” button at the right corner of your screen and click on it. In case you don’t know, the button is represented by three lines. Apart from that, you can also swipe right a couple of times to access the Menu page.

How to Make Facebook Avatar

  • On the page, scroll down and tap on the “See More” option. From there, you can now click on “Avatars” to create yours.
  • To get started, you’ll have to choose your preferred skin tone.
  • After that, choose your preferred hairstyle. You can do that by choosing from the short, medium, or long options. Also, you should select your preferred hair color.
  • Next, select your preferred face shape, face lines, and completion.
  • After that, you can go ahead and select your preferred eye shape, color, and eyebrow.
  • Next, select your preferred eyewear if you’d like to add one for your Facebook avatar.
  • What is next is to customize the nose and mouth of your avatar from the options available for you.
  • Next, customize the facial hair and add your preferred beards and color.
  • After that, choose your preferred body shape for the avatar.
  • Lastly, choose an outfit for your avatar.

That’s all you need to make your own Facebook avatar. Now, tap on the “Done” option at the top right corner of the screen to save your avatar. In case you followed the above-listed steps, you’ll have something similar to the image below.

Facebook avatar create

How To Utilize Your Avatar

Having created your Facebook avatar, what is next is to start using it. Well, you’ll be able to use the avatar in several ways. First, you can make use of it in the comment section, to express your thoughts. You’ll be able to do that by tapping on the comment button and then selecting from the available custom stickers.

How To create Facebook Avatar


Furthermore, you’ll also be able to use your Facebook avatar in the Messenger chat. You can do that by tapping on the emoji button in the chat bar. From there, you’ll have to tap on the sticker menu and swipe right to access the available stickers for the avatar.

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